Dive Master Underwater Video System

DVR + Dive Project Management + Enhancer + More

DiveMaster is a complete underwater video management system which includes DVR (video recording, live playback, annotation), dive project management and real-time enhancer all packed into a rugged system.

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Digital Video Recording, Playback & Annotation

DiveMaster is not your traditional DVR. It combines video recording, live playback, annotations and much more available in a neat, easy to use and modern interface. It has the ability to display additional sensor information e.g. GPS and depth sensor. The system currently supports analog cameras and any sort of audio input device.

Dive Project Management

Manage every single detail of your diving project. Create multiple dives within a single project and once you are done, generate automatic dive reports for the whole project or a single dive. You can manage your divers and assign divers to dives while also automatically getting suggestions on decompression tables.

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Subsea Video Enhancer

Enhance the quality of your dive videos in real-time as they're being recorded with our best-in-class military grade video enhancer. With our in-built enhancer, you wouldn't need to buy expensive 3rd party enhancer systems, resulting in savings as well as better diver experience since no additional setup is required.

Buy as Software or Hardware

DiveMaster video system can be installed on your existing PC or laptop system. There will be additional hardware required which you can order. This will save you the cost of buying the whole system. However, our professional engineers can deliver rugged, dive ready DivePro system. Contact us to know more about both options and discuss which option would be best for your budget and scope of work.

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DiveMaster Features

  • Camera support: Analog cameras (NTSC, PAL)
  • Audio input: Any analog/digital microphone input
  • Professional, simple-to-use user interface
  • Live video playback
  • Video recording: x264 encoded digital video
  • Draw shapes (annotations) on live video
  • Add text on live video (upto 5 lines of text)
  • Military-grade live video enhancer makes video crystal clear
  • Dive project management
  • Diver personnel management
  • Generate dive reports automatically and export report and dive video/s to USB or email etc
  • Form-factor: Rugged PC with inbuilt display, keyboard and battery (optional). Also available as software